Photo Exhibition in Elateia «Today marriage takes place…»

Organization:CEA ELATEIA
Under the auspices of DOPAPEP Tempi

The Cultural Association of Elateia invites you to the opening of the photo exhibition entitled “Today marriage takes place” on Sunday 1 April 2018 at 11 am at the Primary School of Elateia.

The exhibition includes 170 wedding photos taken in Elatia and reflecting faces, events and folkway. A passage of 70 years (1910-1980), a narration of memories of a time that has passed.

It is a collection of original photographs gathered and edited by John Maggos, a resident of Elateia, a teacher who serves at the Volos Music School.

Duration of exhibition 1-15 April 2018.
Audience hours 5-8 pm.