Thodoris Atheridis at Olympus Tunnel Cinema Fest 2018

θοδωρης αθεριδης

Thodoris Atheridis, actor and director, will be the honored face of this year’s Olympus Tunnel Cinema Fest.

Before his last film “Perfect Strangers”, Thodoris Atheridis will have a whole-hearted discussion with the journalist Athena Terzi and the audience at the Theater of Aegani.


Wednesday 29/8/2018 (Start Time: 21:30): A Bee in August (2007)

Thursday 30/8/2018 (Start Time: 21:30): Lovestruck (2014)

Friday 31/8/2018 (Start Time: 21:30)
Discussion with the director Thodoris Atheridis.
Movie Preview: Perfect Foreigners (2016)