"Ascending" towards Northern Greece, with the natural limit of the Valley of the Tempi, begins the wine-production area of Rapsani, where the homonymous POP wine is produced. It is a beautiful area with an impressive vineyard. The red wine is impressively integrated and produces rich aromas of mature red fruit, while in the mouth it is circular but exuberant, long lasting and with a beautiful finish.


The olive tree is the most representative crop in the Gonnoi region, but also in the wider area of Tempi. The fine oil and the edible olives are traditional products of the area. The microclimate and the soil of the region are suitable for the cultivation of many olive varieties and the production of extra virgin olive-oil.


The Kiwi of Pyrgetos is the best in the country and local producers have been trying for years to maintain this level of quality. Its cultivation has been excellently acclaimed in the region and great yields are achieved every year. The demand for the Pyrgetos kiwi in the international market is high as well.


The total production of our country is currently estimated at 12,000 tons, with 60% coming from Thessaly and, in particular, the prefectures of Larissa, where the last three years a large increase in planting has been recorded. The almond for the local society of Nesson (Sykourio) is a pillar of development for the local community. The women's cooperatives of the municipality produce products with the almond as their main ingredient.


Over 2,500 acres of watermelons are grown in the area of ​​Makryhori, which traditionally holds the lion's share. Thousands of tons of watermelons are produced each year in the area, taking advantage of soil fertility, prosciutto and the ability of watermelons to mature much earlier than other areas.


Kissavos' chestnuts are known for their excellent quality. Indeed, it is true that foreign markets, especially Swiss and Japanese, but also others, are of great interest in the producers' market for chestnuts. In Ambelakia, chestnuts are grown with special care. Appropriate climatic conditions and soil composition give Kissavos' chestnuts a unique flavor.