• Folklore & Historical Museum of Ambelakia

    The Folklore and Historical Museum of Ampelakia, Larissa was inaugurated in 2001 and aims to preserve the cultural heritage of the Historical Community. It is housed in the 2-storey restored mansion "Mola", very close to the main square of the village.


  • Museum of the 1940-1949 Ampelakia Period
  • The museum aims to study, promote and preserve the genuine history of the period 1940-1949, as well as periods that preceded or followed this main period (Metaxas dictatorship, post-civil war regime, dictatorship 1964-1974 etc.)


  • Holy Monastery of Saint George, 1721
  • Ruins of 3 Towers, 1750
  • Windmill ground floor, 1797
  • Mansion Εpiscopacy, 1763
  • Schwarz Mansion 1787

Cultural Centers

  • Ampelakia Cultural Heritage Center
  • School of Maniarios 1749-1873

Traditional Architecture Buildings

  • Schwarz Mansion


  • Library of Maniarios legacy
  • Community Library of Ampelakia
  • 3 November Saint George (patron saint)
  • Alevizos Asterios 1833-1896 (legacy Alevizou)
  • Maniaris Adamantios 1789-1871
  • George Schwarz
  • Iosif Rogon 1776-1821