• Rapsani Wine & Vine Museum

    It is located in the "Pano Mahalas" area of the settlement, near the square, and the access is easy by car, as well as by walking from the stone paths, providing the sense of a traditional settlement.

    The Municipality of Kato Olympou, in collaboration with the associations and the inhabitants of the area, has collected a significant number of exhibits which are the basic material of the Museum.

    The Museum belongs to the Municipality and operatess in collaboration with the Rapsani Library.


Important monuments are the monastery of Saints Theodoroi (1778), located in the homonymous forest, with remarkable frescoes and carvings from the 13th century, the church of the Metamorphosis of Sotira (18th century) and the chapel of Ioannou Prodromou (1547), as well as the nowadays active female monastery of Panagia Glykofilousa.

  • Holy Monastery Saint Athanasiou 1831
  • Holy Monastery Kimiseos Theotokou 1858
  • Chapel Saint Ioanni Prodromou 1544
  • Holy Monastery Metamorfoseos Sotiros 1750
  • Holy Monastery Saints Theodoron 1778

Private Collections

  • Folklore Collection of the Rapsani Cultural Association

Traditional Architecture Buildings

  • Tsanakou House
  • Bridge of Stones
  • Traditional Fountains

Libraries - Cultural Centers

  • Rapsani Municipal Library
    Lending, Operates daily in a privately owned building of the Municipality
  • Rapsani Center for the Open Care for the Elderly

Self-help Promotion Program of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki inaugurated in spring of 2016 the Centre for Social Integration, Educational and Cultural Activities in Rapsani of Municipality of Tempi, renting the local municipal guest house.

Having as its main goal the training in critical approaches of the field of addiction and in self-help/mutual aid practices, the “Guesthouse of Rapsani” carries out advanced seminars (that last one or two days) for professionals/scientists who work in therapeutic and prevention programs for addiction, in Health Care and Social Welfare Services as well as for educators of all levels of education.

Meanwhile, an important objective of “Guesthouse of Rapsani” is to contribute in the socio-cultural development of the broader area of Tempi. For this purpose, it develops activities with cultural and educational content that are addressed to the inhabitants as well as to the visitors of the village.

The “Guesthouse of Rapsani” serves the additional purpose of constructive and vocational support of people who attend Self help Promotion Program and are in the stage of social integration. Finally, it aims at the connection of these people with the local community.

Contact Details
Guesthouse of Rapsani, Rapsani, Larissa
tel.: +30 24950 611 91
Official website: http://www.xenonasrapsanis.gr
Email: rapsani@selfhelp.gr

Celebrations - Religious Events

  • 15 August - Celebration of Pelagia
  • 6 August - Celebration of the Metamorphosis
  • 5 March - Rapsani's Saint George
  • Saints Theodoron
  • Carnivals


  • Wine Festival
    Held In the Agia Triada multipurpose area, on the last weekend of August, with plenty of wine, with the participation of the municipality and local agents and viticulturists.

The natural environment of Rapsani inspired the great writer M. Karagatsis (known alias of Dimitris Rodopoulos), who as child used to sit by the "karagatsi" (type of tree) of the St. Athanasios church of Rapsani, hence his artist name.