Tempi Municipality, a genuine ecotourist destination

Pinios, one of the most important wetlands in Greece

Pinios has riparian forests, rich fauna and extensive dunes in its Delta. It belongs to the NATURA network and has been designated as Landscape of Particular Natural Beauty .

The River Delta area is ideal all year round for bird watching lovers, as it is one of the most important migratory bird passes and more than 200 bird species have been recorded .

The delta wetland is protected by the RAMSAR treaty and is a permanent concern for researchers.

Ossa, Tempi, Kato Olympos, Pinios Delta belong to the 113 important areas for the birds of Greece.

In the riverside forests of Pinios and its tributaries, a remarkable fauna is preserved, including Accipiter brevipes and rare Ciconia nigra

In Olympos, more than 1700 plant species have been counted by scientists, 45 of which are protected by international conventions.

The whole area of M. Tempi is an extensive natural ecosystem that connects the area of the Pinios Delta, Tempi and the mountains of Kato Olympos and Ossa.