A great summer destination

At the spot where the divine Mount Olympus meets the emerald coast, in the arms of the Aegean, are situated the coasts of Tempi Municipality

Characteristic of the area are sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters. In many places the beach is organized and there are spots where the beach maintains its virgin beauty.

Mesagala beach is characterized by its aesthetic, ecological value as well as thermal sands are suitable for the treatment of joints.

In Messagala and Kastri, someone can find seafood, restaurants, beach bars and coffee.

The coasts of the Tempi Municipality are the ideal destination for youth and family vacations, as your days can be filled with pleasure, through many different activities.

In 2017, the prefecture of Larissa has 4 BLUE flags, three of which in the Tempi Μunicipality (Nea Mesagala 1, Nea Mesagala 2 and Nea Mesagala 3)

Tempi Municipality, a summer destination full of flavors, activities and sandy beaches is ready to welcome you!